Scalable Data Integration for Disease Surveillance

AKA The Gates Project

Overall project purpose & rationale

Data that could be used for global disease surveillance are fragmented across diseases, countries, funding sources, and a wide range of clinical and laboratory data sources. This problem is exacerbated by varying technology developments and by unsynchronized cycles of funding and adoption across sponsors, researchers, and public health agencies. Such fragmentation frustrates efforts to merge, analyze, and interpret data across multiple scales, and hinders efforts to use these data to develop and share transparent and scalable tools for decision making. The purpose of this project is to develop and evaluate 'proof-of-concept' tools and technologies to support the integration and use of global health data collected across a range of diverse sources. The tools and technologies that we develop will be engineered to enable their use across geographical regions and diseases. We will establish the value of our tools and technologies for surveillance of malaria in selected African countries, including Uganda and The Gambia.

Proposal summary

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