Please visit the Google Code project page to download the latest version of Dracones.

Version History

2010-12-06 (version 1.1.3): A few minor fixes and an update to the history mechanism.

2010-09-08 (version 1.1.2): A few minor fixes and a new selection mode mechanism.

2010-05-14 (version Corrected a problem with newer versions of Pesto.

2010-05-13 (version 1.1.1): Apache conf modifications to bring harmony between Python/PHP versions.

2010-04-04 (version 1.1): Now includes a PHP alternative.

2010-02-16 (version Corrected a very slight error in web_interface:toggleDLayers.

2010-02-10 (version 1.0.0): DraconesPH companion release.

2010-01-29 (version 0.9.2): Corrected some bugs, including an important problem with Pesto sessions: you now have to (1) create a "pesto_tmp" subfolder in your "tmp" web-served location (same level as already created "ms_tmp"), and (2) add a "session_path" pointing to it in the core conf file (consult the updated install page for more details).

2010-01-21 (version 0.9.1): Added mouse wheel support for zoom.

2009-12-21 (version 0.9.0): Initial release.